Peace (23.01.2018)

This is the text of my message via Youtube at January 2018:

Hello, my name is Detlef Reppenhagen from Weil der Stadt in the region of Stuttgart the capital of the country of Baden-Württemberg. Since 1980 I am a member of the motion for peace in Germany. There are activities at central places or near military stations of the army. Some weeks ago we got an international award for the motion against nuclear war called ICAN. People say that there is no direct effect. At central places of power in the world there are rocket men like Trump, Putin, Erdogan or Kim Jon Un. I know this but I want to say to my children and grandchildren that there are another ways. If you personaly want peace to the world start at your personal situation at your company or at home in your families. Give your opinion to all the world. Don't produce weapons in America, Europe or Asia. The difference between the richest and he poorest people in the world increases day by day. And we go to an ecologic catastrophe if we don't stop political direction. So I am a member of the left party in germany to give my opinion about more justice, freedom, peace, human rights and healthy to all people. We do not need any religion but power, possession, income and money have to separat in other ways. Please reduce producing of weapons. Stop shooting and murdering. I hope that god will bless you all:



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